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Early in 2012, a small group of BOTL/SOTL (Brothers of the Leaf/Sisters of the Leaf) recognized a continually more oppressive environment developing for cigar smokers. This group consists of small business owners, educated entrepreneurs, professionals of all ages, and in general, quality contributors to our community.

In many states, the general population of non-cigar smokers is voting away the rights of cigar smokers to enjoy a cigar at an alarming rate; including what a US citizen can do in one’s own home. There is also continuing political pressure on local establishment owners to be “smoke free”; inherently lumping cigars in with cigarettes. We respect and appreciate the general populations’ wish to exist in a “smoke free” environment, but chose to passively resist oppression by creating a cigar friendly establishment where the general population of non-cigar smokers is welcome not to come.

This small group of friends started asking serious questions, cigar in hand, about how we can accomplish our goals legally without jeopardizing our respective businesses, and without adding pressure to our friends in the restaurant industry. We set out to create a legacy in our city that affords men and women the opportunity to continue enjoying fine cigars at our own behest. Cigars are social, and we needed neutral territory. Seemingly at every turn, there was a statement that started with “We are going to need…”  Among the BOTL/SOTL, someone always had the answer that started with, “Well, I know a guy that…” We invested our own time, money, skills, labor, called in favors, and created something any cigar smoker would be proud of, and Know A Guy Cigar Lounge was born.

We have limited our membership numbers to ensure a comfortable experience for the BOTL/SOTL in our community, whom we choose to associate with. Members include like minded adults that are respectful of each other and others’ belongings, abide by the law, and appreciate what our lounge has to offer. Our membership dues are not for anyone’s profit. Anything above overhead goes directly back into the lounge. We have a members' meeting every other month or so to discuss the direction the members want the lounge to head.

The structure we have created is to promote and continue the global legacy of cigar connoisseurs and our fellowship here in Lubbock, Texas. Good folks from all over the cigar industry and BOTL/SOTL from all over the world have stopped in for a stick. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or just enjoy an occasional good smoke, we hope you will too! Cigars smokers are welcome here.

Long Ashes,

The Members at Know A Guy Cigar Lounge


1612 17th St

Lubbock TX 79401

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